Protecting Your Capital Investment

With the slowing economy resulting in smaller capital  budgets for new endoscopy equipment,  forging a solid relationship with a reputable repair vendor is more important than ever. Even if you have an OEM service contract on your newer equipment, you still need to maintain your 160, 140 and 100 series scopes.

Never replace your flexible endoscopes prematurely. There is little that cannot be repaired on a flexible scope with today’s advanced repair technologies.  At a price of $25,000 and up for new scopes, consulting with a reputable repair vendor before considering replacement is both practical and prudent.

Should you need to replace, taking advantage of refurbished equipment is a wise option. A reputable vendor can help you put together complete systems at a fraction the OEM cost and provide service contract options to help control maintenance and repair cost of these delicate instruments.

The market is flooded with vendors, but there are only a few real professionals. There are vendors with workshops in their garage or basement. There are vendors that will Frankenstein your scope back together with sub-par parts and repair techniques. And then there is Matlock Endoscopic who has specialized in small and large diameter flexible endoscope repair, complete system sales, and facility installation for nearly 20 years.

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