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Flexible Endoscope Repair Training

Matlock Endoscopic

Flexible Endoscope Staff Education: Understanding the Basics & Reducing Repair Costs

When all clinical staff members who have contact with your flexible scope inventory truly understand scope nomenclature, how a scope works, and proper handling of these instruments, your facility or department should experience fewer incidents of damage due to improper handling or accidental breakage. Our Staff In-Service Program is free to all on-going customers and affordable for any facility who is just seeking this sort of information.

Flexible Endoscope Repair Training for Bio-Med Engineers

MER is the first company in the world to offer a flexible endoscope repair training program. Since 1998 we have trained biomeds from across the US and around the world to repair flexible endoscopes. Our program is proven and successful.

With 5 days of training a BMET can perform 60% of repairs in house. Over 50% of these repairs can be done within 1 hour or less. Empowering your Biomedical Engineering team to undertake Flexible Endoscope PM and perform simple repairs on-site can save your facility hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair and shipping costs annually.

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Matlock Endoscopic offers three phases of endoscope repair courses for your Olympus TM brand flexible endoscopes that can take you from minor repairs through complete rebuild capability. What level you expand to all depends on what makes sense for your facility size, number of instruments and number of bio-med personnel in your department.

Don’t trust your training to a DVD. All training is performed by Matlock certified technicians utilizing a hands-on” approach at our corporate headquarters in Nashville, TN. Classes are scheduled Mon. – Fri. To request a current training schedule, complete the form on our Contact Page.

MER Hands-On Flexible Endoscope Repair Training

Phase 1 – Preventative Maintenance & Minor Repairs

Phase 1 training is a 5 day program that covers Introduction to Endoscopes, Preventative Maintenance Inspection, Minor Repairs,and Angulation Rubbers. Upon completion of this program the technician will be able to perform all minor repairs which account for 60% of what can potentially go wrong with a scope, and half of these repairs can be performed in an hour or less.

Phase 2 – Internal Component Repairs

Phase 2 training is a 5 day program that addresses internal component replacement including: Biopsy Channel Replacement, Suction Channel Replacement, C-Cover Replacement, and other Internal Component Repairs.

Phase 3 – Major Repairs and Rebuilds

Phase 3 training is a 10 day program that covers advance repairs such as Insertion Tube Replacement, Light Guide tube Replacement, Repair of the Bending Section Assembly, and CCD rewiring to the EC Connector. Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to execute a complete scope rebuild. Other repair training programs may claim to teach this in 5 days, but to properly master these major repairs requires 10 days of training.

Whether it’s a first call approach or a comprehensive in-house repair program, Matlock offers it all! We can even help you establish a repair depot for facilities with multiple hospitals and surgery centers.

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